Pool Cleaning & Pool Maintenance

A regular pool clean and chemical balance check-up is vital to the long term health, safety and success of your swimming pool.

Outdoor swimming pool with blue water near the garden.We provide a range of pool maintenance, pool cleaning and other swimming pool services across Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Pool Maintenance Service

Whether you have an above ground pool or an inground pool; a fiberglass pool or concrete; salt water or chlorine; they all share one similarity – needing regular pool maintenance to keep the water clean and safe to swim in.

Taking care of your swimming pool all year round is essential in preventing damages and will stop you running into a costly situation when your pool needs to be recovered from turning green.

A regular pool maintenance service also ensures all your pools equipment is running smoothly and any pool repairs are taken care of before damaging your swimming pool.

If you’re a first pool owner or just need some guidance from the professionals, give us a call today.

Our regular pool maintenance service Includes:

  • Pool technician performing a chemical test checking chlorine, PH and other chemical levels in swimming poolA thorough pool clean:
  • Check chlorinator and other pool equipment
  • Analyse your pool water’s PH and chemical levels
  • Add required salt or chemicals to adjust levels

Take the hassle out of your pool cleaning and maintenance. Give us a call to book your regular pool maintenance service today.

Our experienced pool technicians will inspect your swimming pool and recommend a weekly, fortnightly or monthly option based on your pools needs. For your convenience, we can also tailor our services to suit you.

Depending of the time of year we may suggest increasing or decreasing the frequency of service visits to ensure your pool quality is maintained over the course of the year and always ready for that unexpected hot day!

Winter Pool Cleaning

Narrow swimming pool in backyard in luxurious modern home.To keep your swimming pool healthy and ready for the warmer months, employing a pool cleaning service throughout the entire year is highly recommended.

An on-going and regular pool maintenance and cleaning service will keep your pools chemicals balanced, holding bacteria and algae at safe levels and prevent additional costs if your swimming pool needs to be recovered from turning green or even worse, black.

In winter, we may recommend a reduced cleaning schedule as your pool usually doesn’t get as much use due to the colder temperatures.

You can also employ other ways to protect your pool during the colder months of the year. One example is installing a pool cover. A pool cover protects your pool from harsh conditions and keeps out any unwanted debris. Speak to us today about the right pool cover for your swimming pool.

Pool Maintenance Services for All Year Round

Maintain a healthy and safe swimming pool with our pool maintenance service.

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