Pool Vacuuming

Our regular pool maintenance and pool cleaning services includes vacuuming your pool (also included in any one-off pool cleaning visits). Of course, pool vacuuming is performed after a thorough scoop of your pool to remove any large clumps of leaves and debris.

Pool technician vacuuming a swimming pool.Pool vacuuming is essential to remove fallen small debris from trees and other plant material, bugs, insects and dirt from the bottom of your swimming pool. Vacuuming can even remove small buildups of algae before it spreads throughout your whole pool. Think of pool vacuuming similar to vacuuming inside your home. You vacuum whenever your see buildup on floors and usually the vacuum removes much more dust than you thought was there.

In a pool it is the same scenario. A somewhat good looking pool always looks ten times better after a good scoop and thorough vacuum. So what happens to the waste? Unlike emptying your home vacuum into a bag, you set your pump to its waste setting for all the vacuumed rubbish to be flushed out of the pool.

After vacuuming your swimming pool using the waste setting, it is very important to perform a Backwash on your filter. Backwashing swirls all of the sand around in your filter which lifts all the rubbish and pumps it out of the filter to waste. This ensures the rubbish, debris and algae left in the filter isn’t returned back into your newly vacuumed swimming pool.

Once the entire process has been completed your pool walls, floor and steps will be looking clean and free from any dirt, bugs and traces of algae buildup.

After this, your swimming pools water is tested to ensure that chemical balances are correct and we adjust your pools chemicals (if needed). Failing to test your pools water and keep the chemical balance in check could result in a sparkling pool today turning to a green pool tomorrow.

Don’t be fooled by amateur pool cleaners. For a professional and thorough pool clean and regular maintenance service give us a call today. We will keep your pool safe and looking its best all year round.

Pool Vacuuming from the Professional Pool Cleaners

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